How To Make Sex Better For Her

Sex is meant to be enjoyed. That is one fact that no single person can argue with. For both men, and women, preferences differ from one person to another.

Every single person has a different way through which they enjoy sex.

For some, it depends on the sexual position, while for others; even the environment plays a big role.

If you want to make sex good for a girl, there are so many different factors you need to put into consideration.

The basic ones may involve communication, a comfortable environment, and even emotional connection.

If you, however, want to make sex better than ever before, there are some factors you need to put into consideration.

The following are some of them;


Good foreplay will always result in the best kind of sex for a lady. Many people have for the longest time mistaken foreplay to be sexual but in most cases it involves so much more.

Foreplay could be praises to her or even a massage.

Foreplay plays a very big role in how aroused she will be. Sex toys will also play a very great part in this stage. Make sure that she is not just comfortable with you two having sex, her environment, but also with the sex toys you are using on her.

During foreplay it is always advisable to be very gentle with her. Make sure that you are not in a hurry with her. Even when helping her get undressed make sure you treat her like a piece of art.

Clitoral stimulation is the best way to get any girl aroused. Use your hand and be gentle while rubbing her clit, and if she is comfortable with oral sex, it is okay to use your tongue during stimulation.


If you want to make sex unforgettable for her, get as creative as you can when it comes to sex positions.

The key is to make sure that she enjoys every single position you try. The best way to know when to switch from one position to another is to pay attention to her verbal and non-verbal communication.

It is very easy to tell when she is enjoying a specific sex position and when she is not from her mourning patterns and body language.

During sex, make sure you focus on the experience rather than your performance. Being natural during sex with her will have you doing it for the pleasure it is bringing the both of you.


Aftercare is the least talked about way to make sex great for her, and yet it is the most important of all.

Girls attach a lot of emotion to sexual intercourse. So many guys might not realize it but just offering her a towel after sex or showing her to the bathroom is just not the way to go.

After sex with her make sure to give her kisses that are as affectionate as the ones you were giving her during sex. Talks of praises to her and positive affirmations are going to make her feel loved and appreciated.

After-sex cuddles and even helping her get dressed will have her coming back to you time and again as you make her feel like she is not just being used for sex.

So there you have it. Now go make that girl feel like a queen!!

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