Ways To Level Up Your 69 Play

During sexual intercourse, the 69 position has proven, over time to be an all-time great. It is a source of great pleasure for both partners.

When leveled up, 69 can make you a legend in bed.

Now you might be asking what “leveling up” may entail when the topic of discussion is a sexual position right? Well there are a lot of factors you need to consider when becoming a master of 69.

Some are as follows;


69 is part of oral sex. In as much as you are doing it with an individual you love and trust, it is important to note that it entails the exchange of sexual fluids that may result to infections.

The best way to prevent this is to make sure that both of you take a shower. This will mean that you have lowered the risks of getting infections or giving them to your partner.

Another important thing is to make sure that the environment the two of you are in is as clean as possible. This could be the bed, couch or even the bathroom.

When this is all taken care of, you have the greenlight to get to action.


Communication during 69 is very important. You and your partner need to make sure that you communicate on comfort levels most importantly.

You both need to be as comfortable as possible during 69 to make it even more pleasurable.

Discomfort of either one of you might mean that you will not be able to perform as well as the other partner that making the pleasure less for them.

Make sure that you communicate to your partner on preference during 69. If something does not feel good for you be open to your partner and tell them so.


The most used position for 69 is the side by side one. To level up your play, however, you could try something different like one partner being on top of the other.

While on this position, make sure that your focus is on pleasuring rather than being pleasured. The goal is to pay attention to reactions while you 69.

If your partner reacts positively to something you have done make sure to keep doing it. If there is a negative reaction then change to something else or a different rhythm.


On your quest to leveling up your 69 play, it is important to get as creative as you can.

Many people have been using hands over time to rub their partner’s private parts and it works like a miracle.

The introduction of toys such as vibrators for ladies makes the experience even better while ladies use lube on guys.

It is important to switch between positions to make sure that you are comfortable the whole time.

Occasionally, it is important to rest and proceed after some time. This resting time allows for you to communicate on the experience and share what the other person can do to make you feel even better.

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